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I specialize in brand + identity design and dabble in web design, motion, data viz, and illustration. I’ve always loved creating and have always been intrigued by patterns, symmetry, colors, and tiny details. That's why I studied both math and graphic design. Whether writing a mathematical proof, designing a webpage, or laying out an e-book, I enjoy the challenges that come with solving a problem.

Through design, I want to help other people solve problems, achieve their goals, and make a lasting impression. I geek out over style guides, read fonts before the words, and will absolutely buy something based on the packaging. (Chobani and bubly, I'm looking at you.)

In my free time, you can find me on a trail, either hiking or running. My happy places are wherever I'm creating, the mountains, and in the company of people I love. I hope to visit every US National Park and see a sunset in every state. I enjoy playing piano, running marathons, and reading classics and books about outer space. I love foggy, cloudy days and spitting rain– there's just something magical about it all. I think illustrator Mari Andrew says it best, "I get it: sunshine sells but I never wanted a sky that was only one color."

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